7 Things You Need to Consider before Purchasing Designer Home Furniture for your Home in Key Biscayne

April 21, 2014

Azul and Company provides cutting edge designer and contemporary furniture in Coral Gables just 10 miles from Key Biscayne. Our range of styles are sourced locally and internationally. This means buyers can develop a home styled in the latest global trends while maintaining a South Florida feel. While all pieces are stand­alone works of art, we take careful consideration when adding items to our showroom.

Azul and Company is more than a store. It is a gallery, exhibiting furniture that is both artistic and practical. We have experienced interior designers in our showroom that can help you to create the ideal home all in one stop.

Here are some of our top tips before purchasing designer home furniture:

  1. What is it that you need? Azul and Company offer an extensive product range, from tables influenced by Chinese architecture to spectacular lighting designed by the talented team at Vibia Lighting.
  2. What is your ultimate priority? All of the furniture at Azul and Company provides a practical function as well as an aesthetic flair.
  3. Make sure the measurements of your designer home furniture correspond with the parameters of your designer home.
  4. Contemporary furniture is a sleek and sophisticated way to furnish your home, but some pieces are more suitable for children than others so come in and we can help you adjust style and practicality.
  5. Investment pieces make a statement and avoid skimping on price if it means skimping on quality.
  6. Consider hiring a professional to help you realize your vision.
  7. All designer pieces do not necessarily complement each other. Think of what you have at home and what will add to those pieces.

For the ultimate expression of luxury and style, contact Azul and Company now. Contemporary and designer home furniture has never been this beautiful.

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