Contemporary Furniture in Key Biscayne Holds the Flavors of the World

April 14, 2014

Azul and Company provides exceptional and cutting edge designer and contemporary furniture from all over the world. Based in Coral Gables, just 2 miles from South Beach and 10 from Key Biscayne, our range of pieces is sourced both locally and internationally. This allows for your home in Key Biscayne to be styled in the latest global trends as well as being filled with furniture from fascinating places.

Azul and Company is more than a designer and contemporary furniture store. It is a gallery, capturing and exhibiting furniture that is both artistic and practical. Our services extend beyond the showcasing of luxurious contemporary furniture and accent pieces. We also have an experienced interior design team that can help you to create a home in Key Biscayne that holds an international contemporary furniture look that is original and perfect to your liking.

Azul and Company has an exceptional range of products such as sofas,tables, chairs, lighting and accessories. We have exclusive licensing with premier partners like Camerich USA and Polart furniture, putting us at the forefront of the modern furniture movement. One of the most unique aspects of our company lies in our ability to source pieces that no one else carries and artwork that will be original to your home and nowhere else.

Established in 2000, Azul and Company has been providing contemporary and designer home furniture to some of South Florida’s most upscale homes. We have also helped design homes across the U.S, South America and the hospitality, retail and interior decorating industries. Our global suppliers are pedantic about quality, ensuring the highest level of workmanship in the world. Our many international pieces also carry the flavor of their exotic origins and will serve as wonderful conversation pieces for years to come.

To infuse your hom on Key Biscayne with the ultimate expression of cosmopolitan style, contact Azul and Company now. Contemporary and designer home furniture has never been this beautiful.

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