Create the Ideal Modern Living Area with Designer Home Furniture

April 7, 2014

Azul and Company provides designer and contemporary furniture which illustrates the very latest in style and elegance.

Based in fashionable Coral Gables, just 8 miles from South Beach and 2 miles from Key Biscayne, we source our wide range locally and internationally. Eclectic classical items are also part of the mix, allowing you to blend contemporary global trends with quintessential pieces from the past.

Azul and Company is for the discerning buyer. With bespoke items that can only be found in our furniture gallery, we showcase the beauty of art and functionality. Our designer home look and feel can also be attained through the use of our extensive services. Having helped create the internal aesthetics of some of Florida’s most upscale homes, our in-house design team can help you create the ideal modern living area in any space.

You might have a vision of your dream living area but are unsure as to how you can attain it. This is where Azul and Company’s team can step in and help you achieve a style you never imagined. We will work with you to capture this vision and bring it to life with concepts that customize space and deliver comfort.

Azul and Company’s expertise is also showcased in many of South Florida’s most exclusive Hotels and Corporate Structures. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional designs that cater to personal tastes and invite a sense of stylish comfort within any surrounding. Our international suppliers insist on the very highest workmanship and quality, so you can rest assured the standard of all pieces is superior. By sourcing from around the world, your living area can have stunning and unique accents which hold exotic stories in their contours.

To encompass your living area in luxury and style, contact Azul and Company now. Contemporary and designer home furniture is simply a phone call away.

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