Successful Home Decorating is About More than Walking into a Modern Furniture Store in South Beach

March 24, 2014

Have you walked into a modern furniture store in South Beach and just simply bought a furniture piece because you felt like it? Then, when you got home, it didn’t really fit in anywhere and you eventually ended up putting it in the corner somewhere? Successful home decorating is a lot more than just walking into a modern furniture store and buying whatever appeals to your taste buds on a whim. At Azul and Company, we believe our homes are unique places where we dwell, where we go to take comfort, enjoy time with the family, relax and where we can express our unique tastes. Many people find the task of home decorating daunting and the fact that it can quickly become a pricey matter makes it even more frustrating at times.

A few tips on successful home decorating without breaking the bank:

Transform with Textiles. In the bedroom it is crucial to incorporate that cozy, yet elegant factor and sometimes this can be easily obtained without having to paint your bedroom a new color. Finding comfortable, yet beautiful bedding and changing up your curtains can lead to that dramatic transformation that you are looking for without having to touch a paintbrush.

That Statement Piece. Sometimes to set a room off, all that is needed is that one fabulous statement piece. In so many cases we have seen how one new vase on a mantle totally transforms the energy of a room, or how a sofa with a bold color, pattern or shape can make a living room more inviting.

Home Lighting. Great lighting can make homes look warm and welcoming. Make sure that you have three types of lighting in your home: ambient (overhead or general), accent (walls and tables) and task lighting (reading and under­cabinets).

When it comes down to it, this is your home and if you want to create a space where you can truly feel comfortable without breaking the bank to do so, then contact us today! At Azul & Company we understand what modern store furniture shopping in South Beach is all about, and how to create that dramatic transformation for you!

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