How Lighting Plays a Role in Bringing your Coral Gables Contemporary Furniture to Life

February 10, 2014

You’ve just returned from your shopping spree in Coral Gables where you purchased a few great new contemporary furniture. You felt it was time for a change anyway, and after seeing some of the pieces displayed in the showrooms of suppliers like Azul and Company, you decided to go for it.

Now your old furniture has been moved out and your new purchases are in. So, as you’re in a redecorating mood, you’ve started searching the internet for ideas that will help you get the most out of your new contemporary furniture. You’re probably not that surprised to learn that lighting plays a vital part in bringing your furniture to life. However, what you would like to learn is why and exactly what type of lighting to use to achieve the desired effect.

Since you bought your contemporary furniture from Azul and Company you have already received some vital tips from our in house interior design experts .

There are four types of lighting, namely General lighting (which is used to illuminate an entire space for the sake of visibility), Task lighting (which is used to illuminate small spaces where intense lighting is needed), Accent lighting (which is used to add a shimmer effect to objects) and Decorative lighting (which brings out the shape and texture of objects).

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s decorative lighting (which you achieve by mixing the other three types of lighting together) you need to make your contemporary furniture pieces stand out.

Getting this right is an art and it takes practice to get the best results. So come by our Coral Gables showroom and consult interior design experts like Azul and Company to help you.

For expert advice and great contemporary furniture pieces, contact us today.

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