Design Talk: The Advantages of Contemporary Furniture in Miami Beach

January 20, 2014

Form a design perspective, the advantages of contemporary furniture are many. This is especially if you’re living in Miami Beach which is a lively part of the city that isn’t afraid of color. In order to make a design statement here you have to be bold when it comes to color, shape and size, and that is what contemporary furniture can do for you.

Traditional furniture tends to lean towards neutral colors, and although a plain piece of wooden furniture does have its appeal and can add something to a room, a piece like this won’t stand out if surrounded by similar pieces. Also, a room only filled with pieces like this won’t really make a huge impression on people living in a city that not only celebrates color, but also color contrasts.

Contemporary furniture comes in a variety of colors and there are even pieces available that manage to tastefully combine colors from opposing spheres of the color spectrum. Contemporary furniture also comes in a variety of unique shapes and sizes and without compromising on comfort or practicality. In other words, this type of furniture is user friendly whilst making a bold design statement.

Another advantage is that, unlike traditional furniture which is largely made from wood, contemporary furniture is made from a variety of different materials ranging from wood and steel to plastic. The advantage this offers is that you have a greater choice when it comes to price range.

If this has convinced you to start redecorating and invest in contemporary furniture, you should seriously consider visiting Azul and Company in Coral Gables, where you will find unique pieces of contemporary furniture from all over the world. We are also interior design experts and will gladly advise you on how to create living spaces that are sure to make an impression. With us, making the right choice at the best price is easy.

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