Contemporary Asian Furniture Embodies Philosophy, Style and Comfort in Miami Beach

January 24, 2014

Until recently, most furniture stores and upscale homes in Miami Beach have been looking to Scandinavian and other European countries for inspiration concerning contemporary furniture.

This is understandable, considering that these places are where the style was born and still continues to be reinvented. However, it also needs to be said that a lot has changed since the 70s, and many other countries outside of these regions have since then adopted the contemporary style and made it their own.

With that being said, we now need to turn our attention to the East, because according to those who keep a finger on the pulse of contemporary trends, contemporary Asian furniture is growing in popularity, very possibly because they add a unique feel to any living space.

For an up close view of this trend, you should visit Azul and Company. Because we are a modern and contemporary furniture store in Miami Beach who have long ago realized that the East will begin to play a major role in the decorating and design of modern homes, we already have many exclusive pieces in our stores.

But what is it about contemporary Asian furniture that has captured the imagination of people everywhere?

The answer is that Asian cultures have a rich and interesting history and unique philosophies, and the furniture that is produced there is made with their ways and histories in mind. This, of course, makes their creations cultural objects and lends them a timeless feel.

The contemporary style, which has its roots in modernism, has always put an emphasis on comfort and practicality and the fusion of this style with Asian culture has given birth to something so unique that the whole contemporary furniture scene is being affected by it. Even designers who aren’t from this part of the world have started to incorporate Asian elements, which just goes to show how popular this trend has become.

So don’t miss out and contact us today, because we are the premier stockists of Asian contemporary furniture.

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