Why Carefully Picked Accessories Are A Vital Part Of Creating A Contemporary Space In Your Home in South Miami

December 23, 2013

Contemporary furniture is all about clean lines, practicality and an open, flowing feel. This is exactly why this style is so popular in some of the most beautiful homes in South Miami. For many people looking to get this feel, this concept means that they struggle with choosing accessories for their modern space, or choose not to have any at all. Here are our top tips from local furniture specialists on how to accessorize your contemporary space.

Don’t avoid accessorizing

Many people feel as though this is a solution to their design problem but it usually leaves a space feeling too empty, hollow and cold. Accessories warm a space and also bring in a very important element of personality, making your room, home or office feel more comfortable, human and “you”.

Stay practical

Contemporary spaces are all about being practical, so try to choose accessories that have an immediately apparent use. This means choosing pieces that will not only look great but will serve in the functionality that they provide you.

Remember color and warmth

Minimalist spaces can often look cold and uninviting if they aren’t balanced with warm accessories. A modern style rug will add texture, a throw will add color and cushions will break up blank, impersonal couches. Remember just to stay within the guidelines of contemporary style to keep the right feel. Neutrals, simplicity and single, bold pieces give the best results.

Be personal

Your personal touch won’t just make your space warmer and more friendly, it will also tell everyone who walks in about who you are. A few family photographs perhaps done in a simple gallery­type hanging or re­done in black and white is a great way to let your personality shine in a contemporary space.

For more advice on how to accessorize a contemporary space, please contact us at Azul & Company today – we’re the South Miami contemporary furniture specialists!

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