Why Contemporary Furniture Is The Top Design Choice For The Hospitality Industry In South Beach

December 9, 2013

In the South Beach hospitality industry, first impressions count for everything. From the professionalism of staff to the design of the location, style and ambiance are important when dealing with Miami’s discerning clientele. This makes contemporary furniture the top choice for interior designers and clients the world over. But what does this furniture offer that other categories don’t? Here are some answers from experienced industry specialists:

  1. Simplicity: In contemporary furniture, style meets function in a very simple way, making these pieces a practical choice for high­traffic facilities like hotels. Because the lines of these products are clean, they offer a very classic, timeless feel that will make them last well in a hospitality environment without looking dated.
  2. Neutral or simple use of color: Neutral colors are timeless, classic and inoffensive. They also give people a feeling of calmness and serenity – a quality that is highly valued in any hotel. Where colors are used, they are simple and effective, adding visual interest without overwhelming a space or creating clutter.
  3. Minimalism: This concept is all about interest without clutter, making spaces feel open, airy and serene without feeling cold. This isn’t just a great modern feel for hotels but also a practical one, as the reduced amount of clutter makes the space easy to maintain and clean.
  4. Multiple purposes: A lot of contemporary furniture is multi­purpose in nature, making it easy to reduce the amount of furniture needed without compromising on comfort or functionality. These units often have great aesthetic appeal too, giving rooms a lot of visual interest without making them feel crowded or cluttered. An example of this would be a bed with storage underneath it or a shelf that morphs into a desk.

As you can see, contemporary furniture offers the hospitality industry comfort and style while meeting the high standards for practicality that are held by the top names in the industry. Contact us at Azul & Company today and find out more about our exceptional range of high quality contemporary furniture available for the South Beach hospitality industry.

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