How to Decorate Your Beach Home with the Latest Contemporary Furniture in Miami

June 16, 2014

Modern and contemporary style is all about clean lines, neutrality and minimalism. Contemporary furniture in Miami will allow you to decorate your home with beautiful and subtle furniture pieces which will beautifully match your own personal style. Simple color schemes and clean lines are the order of the day in a contemporary home of any size.

For the most part, the base colors of your home should remain neutral. However, you can always work a few bold or simple colors into the accessories and accents to break the neutrality. A few angular furniture pieces have also made their way into modern interior design styles, but you may also find round and circular pieces now and again.

Decorating Your Beach Home or Condo in Contemporary Style

As mentioned, start off by selecting a neutral color palette. Your beach home’s base color scheme should consist of neutral colors including black, beige and white. Doing this will allow accessories and contemporary furniture pieces to draw the eye more effectively.

Once you’ve decided on the neutral color palette, add samples of bright color into the design to create eye­catching accents. Bright colors or bold patterns will assume the role of conversation pieces in any modern and contemporary home. Examples of this are tangerine orange, fire engine red or lime green.

Remember, this is Miami so there are no colors that are too extreme as long as the juxtaposition is appropriately set and provides neutrality.

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