Leading Summer Trends in Coral Gables Modern Furniture

June 9, 2014

Decorating your home with contemporary furniture in Coral Gables is always a fun thing to do however, staying current is not always easy. Even though you don’t have to follow all the trends, you can use them as inspiration while keeping your own style and being up to date at the same time.

Contemporary Furniture Trend – Fabric Prints

Patterns quickly become important in accentuating interior design elements. There are various types, such as symbols, geometrics and also floral patterns that will feature prominently in parts of the design of modern furniture.

Contemporary Furniture Trend – Eco Friendly

With a greater emphasis on being eco friendly these days, there is a lot of contemporary furniture and interior elements that make use of repurposed, reused and recycled materials.

Contemporary Furniture Trend – Conventional and Traditional

Various traditional designs are once again in high demand throughout the modern furniture industry. Homeowners are enjoying having a traditional look once more and so various shapes on interior designs and furniture will go this route. Homeowners are also turning more and more towards natural materials such as wood.

Contemporary Furniture Trend – Tufted Furniture

This trend is already in high demand and chairs, sofas, armchairs and beds are now tufted. When taking into account developments on recent modern furniture trends, this trend is rather innovative and revolutionary. It will provide furniture with new breath and a completely different look.

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